The Power of Social

Social recommendations have proven to drive sales. There are 1000s and 1000s of ambassadors out there, talking positively about your brand. By harnessing this conversation and matching it to a call to action, you can dramatically increase sales.

It’s logical; people trust people, not adverts.

Like Stephen Fry

Fully Responsive

TRENDIN easily and efficiently scales through responsive design, from phones to tablets to desktops.

Our ads are integrated with Sizmek, which is IAB approved, allowing advertisers the most effective solutions to manage the technical and executional complexities of cross platform advertising.

Clever, huh?

The Demise of Banners

Banner blindness is an industry plague. Users are exposed to 1700 banner ads a week and click on one. And the chances are that was an accident.

They’re not acknowledged and they’re not engaging. So why not use content that is engaging for an advert, instead?

Cure the Industry Plague

Social Media can influence ROI

“Customers who engage with companies over social media spend 20-40% more than other customers”

Source: Putting social media to work, Bain Consulting

How does TrendIn work?

Step 1 A page containing the TRENDIN code loads for the first time

Step 2 The TRENDIN server scans the page content for context and relevance to a product

Step 3 If a product or service is mentioned, that page becomes part of the TRENDIN inventory

Step 4 The TRENDIN algorithm then scours Twitter (soon Facebook) for mentions of said product.

Step 5 These mentions are weighted based on their sentiment, and only those that are positive are selected

Step 6 Finally, this positive comment is matched to an ad relevant to the comment and placed inline in the page content

Native Advertising is on the Rise

“The market for sponsored content will grow by fifty percent to be worth $3.1 billion by 2017”

Source: Can old media afford to turn their noses up at native advertising? Pando

About Us

TrendIN (From The Social Ad Group) was created to apply a level of context to social media, offering a series of solutions to find relevance in the content generated by millions, ready to be used by businesses and brands to influence their consumer's behaviour.

These solutions promise to...

Increase traffic and awareness through a new source of content
Generate new or improve existing revenue streams
Integrate targeted and contextual social media in an innovative way

Social Media influences the decision to purchase

“74% of customers rely on Social Media to guide their purchase decisions”

Source: The importance of social media in e-commerce, The Drum

TrendIN for advertisers

Studies have proven that native ads outperform standard banner ads considerably in terms of engagement.

Throw in contextual relevance tying a product to the content of the page, and mashing it together with positive social messaging and you have TrendIN

It should be in the interest of a brand to target their audience to achieve greatest ROI. Traditional advertising does this fairly well, using cookies and geo targeting. We don’t use cookies - our content sits within content and is generated based on keywords that are scanned on the page.

It's clear that a person reading an article that mentions a product is more likely to be interested in engaging with that product.

It can be formatted to fit a brands logo along with an offer and some social content. All social content can be curated or automated, depending on the consensus of our customers.

Twitter Drives Sales

“There is a 48% uplift in purchasing an item if a consumer is exposed to a tweet”

Source: #TwitterWorks - A study by Deloitte LLP, 2013, into Twitter’s affect on ROI

TrendIN for publishers

We work directly with publishers to achieve consensus on look and feel, positioning and frequency of our placements. We are completely flexible and can offer a wide range of formats. We always put the user first and offer a great experience. Our ads contain are labelled clearly as ads, we maintain that it is always best to be transparent with the readers and provide access to our terms and conditions.

The content we show is what users want to read.. from who they listen to. TrendIN will not only drive revenue, but increase user engagement and dwell time

But don't just listen to us, here is what James Dickens - Head of Sport at Yahoo! - had to say:

“We are always looking for creative new ideas and that's exactly what we got. The placement was very popular with our users and we saw great user engagement of over 3%, especially during live events which peaked at nearly 8%

James Dickens Head of Sport at Yahoo!




IDEALondon 2013 Winner

Winners of the IDEALondon tech start-up competition 2013, in association with Cisco.

In 2013, The Social Ad Group went head to head with 3 other start-ups in a bid to win a support partnership with the IDEALondon innovation centre, created by Cisco, DC Thomson and University Collage London and were announces as winners in September.

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Everline Future 50 Winner

A winner in technology of the Everline Future 50.

The definitive analysis of game-changing new UK businesses. The Everline Future 50 is a major programme to support disruptive new businesses that are triggering change in their markets.

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Sports Technology Award Winner

Winner of the STA for "Best Use of Technology by a Gaming Company"

The Sports Technology Awards have been launched to recognize the increasingly important role that technology plays in sport and the positive impact of advances from the perspective of officials and players as well as spectators.

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